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( Christmas 2013 ) By: S. L. Zeller
The Reason for the Season
Let us not forget Is Jesus
He took away our debt
He died for our sins
Never to worry again
Left with a clean slate
Giving us new fate
We are so blessed
In his forever rest
Peace, tranquility Folded in His love
His supernatural Power; Fly like a dove
Over all issues That this world can bring
Just praise and sing
Our precious Jesus King,
He will always come through
No matter what you do
With perfect timing for us
Just trust
Jesus is the only reason for this Season

( Holy Tie ) By: S. L. Zeller 11/26/13
Familiar spirit you might try
See ya bye to the dirty tie
Satan gets behind me
Diminished under fight
Because my armor is so tight
No weapon shall prosper
You will faint at the might
Of His shield and buckler
Belt of truth so right
Helmet of salvation and Shoes to fight
His sword of The Spirit
Will rip you in two
See ya bye dirty spirit
Go ahead where you belong
Bound up in the eons of being head strong
I go in His peace that passes all understanding
That prevails and is by far the strongest landing
The foundation, the rock, in His supernatural existence
Greater is He that is in me than you could ever conjure to persistence
I am covered in the blood of Y’Shua, Messiah Lord Jesus Christ’s Holy tie
His forever life and truth means I will never die!

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